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Attention --Trek Tracks Members!
Our new site is ready for you to join.  Please discontinue using the MSN version of Trek Tracks, and join us at our new group home, .  When you click on this link you will be taken to the sign in page for the new TREK TRACKS group.  Click on the "Register Here"! link. Read and accept the Privacy statement. You will be presented with a registration screen.  Only a valid email address, your user name, and password, and Country are required.  Everything else is optional. 
 Complete any additional information you feel comfortable putting there (for instance you can enter a signature that you want displayed any time you post a message).
 You must also enter the security code presented on the registration screen.
Be certain you have typed your real email address, as when you are finished filling out the form and submitting it (follow the prompts), the registration server will email you a confirmation.  You can sign out at this point and go check your email inbox for further instructions. 

The message will advise you to respond, and doing so properly will validate your membership.  Next time you open the link above you will be greeted with the Login page.   You will have to login by entering the user name and the password you registered with, then clicking the word "Login".  If successful, it should take you to the Forums.
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TREK Tracks is moving
MSN NicknameTrekkerSmith   01-23-09
Propane Tank leaking
Last time I took my Trek into the Wildwood service center, it was for a roof problem. The very first thing they did when they got it into the service bay was to put a manometer on it to verif...
MSN NicknameTrekkerSmith   01-23-09
TREK Tracks is moving
MSN NicknameTrekkerSmith   01-13-09
Wanted 2004/2005 31 foot SBD Trek
Hello Curt....,   Just go on Ebay there is one for sale.....a 2004 and looking good. Good luck   Robert 2006 28RB...
MSN Nicknamesuziejolie   01-13-09
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